The 2021 Season, What an Incredible Ride!

We hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the winter season and getting into the holiday spirit. Winter is always an exciting time at Confluences as our boat house and base of operations in Idaho once again falls under the spell of winter. The seasons are changing and we wanted to reflect on another incredible…

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Camping on the Salmon River – Everything You Need to Know

Camping on the Salmon River is the closest we have come to paradise. Since 1982 we have been perfecting everything about our camp culture. From spacious tents and sleeping mattresses to mouth watering entrees and beer pairings, come discover the magic of multi-day rafting with Confluences River Expeditions! Pulling into camp along the Salmon River…

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Dutch Oven Tips! Cooking River-style with Confluences River Expeditions

Dutch ovens (D.O.’s) are a staple of many river kitchens. The Confluences river kitchen is no exception. We usually employ 3-4 dutch ovens a night, each specifically tasked with creating a delicious part of our elaborate river meals. They allow us to turn any camp into a five star restaurant! Dutch ovens have a long,…

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Current Idaho Snow Pack and What It Means

What’s going on with all the snow in the mountains and how does it impact this upcoming summer?  Here in Idaho we are lucky to have an abundance of free flowing rivers. What does this mean exactly? A free flowing river is defined as a waterway that has been largely unaffected by human made changes…

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Snowpack for 2019 Season

The 2019 rafting season is shaping up to be a great one!  Currently, snowpack is at 112% for the Salmon River basin, which means we should have great flows all summer long.  

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Play in Salmon Idaho

Make time to play in Salmon Idaho Here are a few ways that we play in Salmon Idaho. Think about adding one of these fun activities before or after your river trip. Explore the Sacajawea Center Salmon is the home of the Sacajawea Center, where you can learn more about Sacajawea, the other members of…

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Disconnect to Reconnect

Take a River Trip – Disconnect to Reconnect We are connected in today’s world, stuck in a barrage of texts, social media, email and the internet that demands constant attention. We operate 24/7 on information overload and it shows: our tech-hungry population is distracted and overwhelmed. It is time: disconnect to reconnect with loved ones…

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Nanny and Kid

Mountain Goat Sighting Last Friday, we traveled up Lost Trail pass to go to a really fun yurt dinner for Valentine’s Day. It was dumping snow all the way up and throughout the night. We were so excited to round a hairpin turn and see this beautiful nanny and kid on the side of the…

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Are Rafting Adventures Good for You?

Four Reasons Why Whitewater Rafting Makes You Happy Rafting makes you happy by reducing stress and increasing well-being. Spending time in a physical environment where you are not bombarded with the daily pressures of life is equally exhilarating and calming. You can escape to a place where the phone does not ring and the computer…

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Refried Beans from Scratch

Nothing Like It – Refried Beans Made From Scratch There is nothing like the taste of refried beans made from scratch – just writing about them gives me cravings… I first learned how to make refried beans at Trini and Carmen’s, a wonderful Mexican restaurant I worked at in Pontiac, Michigan in the 70’s. I…

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Chicken enchiladas

Chicken Enchiladas – Heavenly My son, Duncan, ordered up chicken enchiladas for his 16th birthday. I do not make them very often since they are a lot of work and it doesn’t take long before they are just a memory…but I have to say that the best part of making the meal was working with…

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