Flying in Idaho

Idaho Charter Flights – What You Need to Know

Idaho charter flights are an exciting start or finish to your Salmon River rafting trip. The scenery is beautiful and flying over the wilderness reminds you just how remote and spectacular this part of the country is.

To fly to Salmon, Idaho, you will have to use an air charter company; we suggest Gem Air. They fly between Salmon, McCall and Boise year round. They also fly into Idaho’s back country airstrips. On any given day during the summer they’ll make dozens of flights serving many guests and hauling loads of river gear.

Book your Idaho charter flights as soon as you book your river trip. Provide your commercial flight info along with your river trip logistics to Gem Air at that time. They make every attempt to provide prompt, courteous service to Silver Cloud guests based on that information.

During the summer, Gem Air has flights between Salmon and Boise about every other hour during the afternoons. The vast majority of the time your stopover in Boise or McCall will usually last about an hour or two. Please bear in mind that Gem Air has no control over the weather in Idaho. Just like with any commercial carrier, the weather can affect the departure time of your charter flights. Patience and understanding can make an unexpected delay easier to handle.

Please communicate any delays or changes on your inbound commercial flight to Boise or on your drive to McCall directly with Gem Air at (208) 756-7382 as soon as you know about them, so they can accommodate your changed travel itinerary. The best policy is to be flexible; once you’re on your way to Salmon you’re going to have a great trip!

Both Gem Air and Silver Cloud Expeditions work hard to make sure you have a great vacation in Idaho. If you have any questions about your flights while you’re planning your trip or changes to your itinerary, please call Silver Cloud any time at (877) 756-6215.

Once you’ve left home, for flight information or changes please contact Gem Air at (208) 756-7382.

See you on the river!

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