Nanny and Kid

Mountain Goat Sighting

Last Friday, we traveled up Lost Trail pass to go to a really fun yurt dinner for Valentine’s Day. It was dumping snow all the way up and throughout the night. We were so excited to round a hairpin turn and see this beautiful nanny and kid on the side of the road. This was definitely our first mountain goat sighting from a short distance.


We were less than 15 ft. away – what an amazing sight!

From the looks of the nanny and kid, these two mountain goats were exhausted from trying to navigate in the deep snow. As we sat there watching, the nanny’s chest was heaving from her efforts to get to where they were. Cars started to stop on both sides of the road since mountain goats are not a common site so close to humans and traffic. I just hope that the nanny was able to get her kid to safety.

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