Chinook Salmon Fishing

Salmon River Chinook Salmon Fishing

The Salmon River provides an historic setting in which to catch its namesake fish, the salmon. Chinook Salmon fishing takes a lot of patience. So, we cannot promise you will reel in incredible numbers, or that you will find hooking into a 15-pounder a simple task. We can promise that you will have a great time experiencing the thrill of the chase.

A variety of natural and man-made influences affect the Salmon River’s Chinook salmon population including dams, temperature and water levels. If you wish to keep hatchery fish you may do so according to Idaho Fish and Game regulations. Daily bag and possession limits change each season and sometimes adjusted during the middle of a season; call for details.

A typical day of fishing starts about 5 a.m. Dress in layers for cool temperatures in the morning and wear shoes that can get wet. Bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses and lip protection.

Most people would say fishing is always about catching fish, but for me the icing on the cake is the friendships that are made at the side of the river, the scenery and the peace. Thanks for a really great time – I’ll not forget it.”
Sean Franklin, North Yorkshire, U.K.

What to Expect on a Single Day Chinook Salmon Fishing Trip

  • Salmon River single day Chinook salmon fishing trips start and end in Salmon, Idaho
  • Full day of salmon fishing from a drift boat with an expert guide for two fishermen
  • Two fishermen per boat, three boats per day maximum
  • Bait fishing or plugs, spoons, divers or drift rigs
  • All rods, reels and terminal tackle provided
  • Recommendations for specific tackle if you want to bring your own
  • Lunch with hot and cold beverages and water

Season: end of June or first week of July through season end, usually late July. The Idaho Fish and Game Commission usually sets season dates in May.

Full Day rate: $495 per boat
Half day rate: $395 per boat (lunch not included in half day rate)

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