Salmon River Fishing

Salmon River Fishing for Steelhead and Salmon in Salmon, Idaho

Idaho’s Salmon River fishing offers anglers unique opportunities to catch trophy, ocean-run steelhead and Chinook salmon over 800 miles from the ocean. These are the longest steelhead and Chinook salmon runs in the world. Come to Salmon, Idaho, and experience the thrill of playing one of these beautiful fish far from the coast on the Salmon River.

Brian was the perfect guide, never hesitating for a second to help us catch fish.”
Greg Gaskill, Nampa, ID

Salmon River Fishing for Steelhead

During spring and fall our Salmon River fishing trips focus on steelhead – trophy ocean-run rainbow trout that return to the Salmon River in the fall. These beautiful fish are healthy and heavy from one to two years of feeding in the Pacific. Steelhead range from four to 20 pounds and average about seven pounds.

After the fall season ends in December, Salmon River steelhead winter over, providing a spring season in late February, March and April.

We offer fishing trips from one to five days long. Trip options include fall and spring season drift boat fishing day trips near Salmon, Idaho and multi-day wilderness fishing in the fall only.

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Salmon River Fishing for Chinook Salmon

During July Chinook salmon are the target of our Salmon River fishing trips. There is nothing like catching a salmon on the Salmon River, near Salmon, Idaho. This is one of the longest salmon runs on earth. Adult salmon travel over 800 miles against the peak spring river flows to return to their spawning grounds in Idaho.

The salmon fishing season usually starts around the first week of July and lasts for two to three weeks. Drift boat fishing day trips near Salmon, Idaho are available as long as the fishery is open. Adults are 24 or more inches long. Jacks are less than 24 inches. Adults run from nine to over 25 pounds and average 13 pounds. Only salmon with a clipped adipose fin may be kept.

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