First Salmon Fishery in Nearly 40 Years

Salmon Fishing 2011

They’re here. Salmon fishing 2011 style…

Chinook salmon, the iconic fish of the Pacific NW, are swimming through Salmon, Idaho as I write this. It’s been so long since we had enough salmon in the river and an open season, that most locals can’t even remember why the names Salmon River and Salmon, Idaho contain the word “salmon”.

Salmon River…Salmon, Idaho…Salmon, the fish.


For the first time in nearly 40 years, you can fish for salmon both upstream and downstream of Salmon City. And catch them, gawk at their sheer size, marvel at the 1,500 mile round trip they make, and release or eat them.

This past weekend we angled the first commercially caught salmon in the 30 year history of Silver Cloud Expeditions. All within 15 miles of Salmon.


My son Connor caught a jack (an immature male) on Friday. Long time fishing guest Ron Cooper brought his family fishing, and his son Bill netted and released a spectacular wild male on Saturday. On Sunday, Ron and Sonja netted a wild fish and 2 keepers.

Our salmon fishing journey began two years ago with limited open seasons upstream of Salmon City, and renewed this winter when we heard there was a possibility of an open salmon fishing season this summer. We were fortunate to meet Bryan Miller from Orofino. Bryan is an experienced fishing outfitter guide from the Clearwater River, several hours to our North and West. He’s caught more salmon in his life than anyone can count, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of big fish. When the Clearwater season ended in late June, Bryan came to our neck of the woods to keep fishing – our season opens later and stays open later than theirs.


Bryan brought a lifetime of skill and instinct with him, and has shown that great guiding and hospitality never go out of style. In a few short weeks he’s learned where to find a fish in our beautiful river, and set a high mark for hard work paying off in an unequaled sport fishing opportunity.

We expect to be able to fish through early August, and look forward to feeling that surge of adrenaline that comes when you connect with a Chinook via braided line and monofilament. If you make it out our way, come try your hand at salmon fishing.

Salmon Fishing on the Salmon River

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