Rafting with Kids

Are you ready to take your family vacation to the next level? Experience the beauty and adventure of a family rafting trip with Confluences River Expeditions!

Come rafting with your kids! At CRE we love when younger generations join us in our Salmon River rafting adventures. We truly believe that getting the entire family outside and into a raft makes for some of the most memorable family vacations ever. Not only are our guides incredible entertainers, but the river itself creates a wondrous environment for youngsters to explore. We aim to create unforgettable family rafting trips, keep reading to find out how you can make the most out of bringing your kids on a Confluences river trip!

Explore our Salmon River rafting option, the best kid-friendly multi-day rafting trips for families with kids as young as seven. Paddle together in a raft, or opt for a duckie (inflatable kayak). The warm water of the Salmon River means that you don’t have to worry about kids being cold, and the nonstop fun of the trip means you won’t hear “I’m bored!” at all during your adventure. You’ll have time to swim in the river in between the fun and splashy rapids, and play on the white sand beaches each evening while the guides prepare elaborate and kid friendly meals. 

We have a few tips for bringing kiddos out on multi-day rafting trips. If you follow these simple hints, we have no doubt you and your kids will have an incredible time during your big adventure!

  1. Use the packing list.
    • When you book with CRE you’ll be sent a packing list containing everything you’ll need to bring on your adventure. We recommend following it closely to avoid bringing too much extra gear. Kid tip: bring a few extra pairs of (cheap) sunglasses, for when the originals sink to the bottom of the river!
  2. Don’t worry about boredom.
    • Seriously, even if you have kids whose main source of entertainment is screens or technology. During the trip they’ll make friends, be tired from the day’s adventures, and be entertained by our guides. Kid tip: bring a few camp games like frisbee, cards, or a fishing pole.
  3. Let them explore.
    • On a river trip your guides are an incredible resource. Let your guides give tips and tricks for having fun in camp and while on the water. They’ll be sure to tell kiddos the best places to explore each day while also setting fair ground rules that keep everyone having fun. Kid tip: let your kids take some risks!
  4. Make the pre and post trip logistics easy.
    • We encourage families to plan their travel logistics far in advance. We also recommend allocating more time for transitions to and from the river. CRE’s management team has years of experience making these logistics work for all types of groups. Give us a ring anytime and we’ll be happy to help you get moving in the right direction. Kid tip: plan on staying the night in McCall after your trip. Give your family that relaxing time to really soak in your amazing vacation before beginning the drive or flight home. 


“Our guides were amazing people, genuinely interested in each of us, and generous, kind, hard-working, curious, and full of good people-skills….inspiring!”

– Bonnie Vestal