Salmon River Raft Trip Packing Tips

Raft Trip Packing Tips to Make Your Pre-Trip Planning Easy

Try these four easy raft trip packing tips to make planning for a week long trip go smoothly:

Tip #1: Get all of your gear together and then downsize

Pack for a river trip like you are packing a carry-on bag for a week away. Less is more…

Tip #2: Make sure you have all of the essential items the outfitter suggests you bring

Check the gear list. Do not forget rain gear, cold weather gear, a hat, sunscreen, river sandals or shoes and quick dry (non-cotton) clothing. These items will help keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature decides to do.

Tip #3: Pack in smaller, soft-sided duffels and stuff sacks

Smaller bags help you organize your gear by type and utilize all of the space in the waterproof duffel bag you will use for your trip. Plastic grocery bags are great to separate shoes and put wet clothing in, too.

Tip #4: Use ziploc bags

Ziplocs are great to keep water out or protect everything else from what is inside. Put your camera, sunscreen and bug spray in ziplocs. Bring extras.

Whitewater Rafting on the Salmon River

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