Cleanup Time

End of Season Cleanup

It has been cold the last couple of nights: the temps dropped below 20° and did not get higher than the mid-fifties during the day. Not exactly perfect timing for the end of season cleanup but it had to be done. I enlisted the aid of two helpers who couldn’t get out of the job no matter how bad their back hurt, knee was sprained or nails broken: Duncan and Connor. The job took two days since there just was not enough time in one day where the sun shined, temperatures rose above 45° and the ice thawed in the hose so we could use it.


So, there we were, armed with rubber gloves, scrubbies, warm water and hoses ready to put those boats to bed for the season. The enthusiasm level was lukewarm, that is, until I suggested we listen to music. Once the soothing strains of head-banger music assaulted the neighborhood, everyone seemed to be happy. Even mom, who was thankful it wasn’t the screamer variety of head-banger music…


Connor turned the bottom of one boat into a giant slip and slide and had us cracking up until he was blue and shivering uncontrollably – 50° water will do that to you. Anyway, the boats are drying as I write this and all we have to do is roll them up and put them away. I am pretty sure I have head-banger music in my near future…

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