Disconnect to Reconnect

Take a River Trip – Disconnect to Reconnect

We are connected in today’s world, stuck in a barrage of texts, social media, email and the internet that demands constant attention. We operate 24/7 on information overload and it shows: our tech-hungry population is distracted and overwhelmed. It is time: disconnect to reconnect with loved ones and the world around you.

Consider this: if your head is always down, you miss what is going on in the world around you. If you clear your life of distractions periodically, you become a better partner, parent, business owner, employee and friend.

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Are Rafting Adventures Good for You?

Four Reasons Why Whitewater Rafting Makes You Happy

Rafting makes you happy by reducing stress and increasing well-being. Spending time in a physical environment where you are not bombarded with the daily pressures of life is equally exhilarating and calming. You can escape to a place where the phone does not ring and the computer does not beckon. Pretty soon you have taken off your watch and do not really care what time it is anymore. Guides call this the transition to ‘river time’ as in, “we are on river time now.”

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Location, Weather & River Conditions

Salmon River Weather and River Conditions

The 410 mile long Salmon River is found completely within the borders of Idaho. Silver Cloud’s multi-day raft trips take place on the remote wilderness section of the Main Salmon that cuts through Idaho’s rugged Central Mountains, traversing the pristine Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. Salmon River weather and river conditions usually depend on the time of year you want to visit.

Salmon, Idaho is located approximately 250 miles from Boise, Idaho; 280 miles from Salt Lake City, Utah; 140 miles from Missoula, Montana; 235 miles from Jackson Hole, Wyoming and 330 miles from Spokane, Washington.

The Salmon River canyon is normally arid and warm from late May to September with daytime temperatures ranging from the 70’s to the 90’s. Nighttime temperatures are cooler but comfortable, from the mid 40’s to high 60’s.

Summer water temperatures range from the 60’s to 70’s, perfect for rafting and swimming. River levels peak in May or early June but the undammed Salmon flows strong all summer long, providing excellent whitewater throughout the season.

Whitewater Rafting and Sport Fishing on the Salmon River
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Essential Piece of River Gear: Wet Wipes

Don’t Leave Home Without Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a must on your Salmon River rafting vacation pack list. This compact, low-cost item will get used several times per day and will not break the budget – a great addition to any personal bag.

If you are like me, you like to feel clean throughout your day. This is not to say that I do not get sweaty and dirty, I just like to clean up afterwards.

I usually pack two zip lock bags of wet wipes for every river trip. One goes in my day bag where I can get at it any time while moving from camp to camp; the other resides with my sleeping gear in my large waterproof bag that is not accessible when loaded on the boats during the day.

Having the wet wipes in two locations makes it really easy for me to freshen up throughout the day. Maybe I want to clean the sunscreen off my face when we arrive at camp – a wet wipe provides a quick and easy cleanup. Think of it as a wash cloth in a bag.

The zip lock full in my sleeping gear offers a quick cleanup before slipping into my sleeping bag for the night. This does not take the place of a river shower or sponge bath but can really make you feel good before nodding off to the sound of the river.

This small item will help keep you refreshed throughout your day. So, make sure you add wet wipes to your pack list when preparing for your Salmon River vacation.

Whitewater Rafting on the Salmon River
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Salmon River Raft Trip Packing Tips

Raft Trip Packing Tips to Make Your Pre-Trip Planning Easy

Try these four easy raft trip packing tips to make planning for a week long trip go smoothly:

Tip #1: Get all of your gear together and then downsize

Pack for a river trip like you are packing a carry-on bag for a week away. Less is more…

Tip #2: Make sure you have all of the essential items the outfitter suggests you bring

Check the gear list. Do not forget rain gear, cold weather gear, a hat, sunscreen, river sandals or shoes and quick dry (non-cotton) clothing. These items will help keep you comfortable no matter what Mother Nature decides to do.

Tip #3: Pack in smaller, soft-sided duffels and stuff sacks

Smaller bags help you organize your gear by type and utilize all of the space in the waterproof duffel bag you will use for your trip. Plastic grocery bags are great to separate shoes and put wet clothing in, too.

Tip #4: Use ziploc bags

Ziplocs are great to keep water out or protect everything else from what is inside. Put your camera, sunscreen and bug spray in ziplocs. Bring extras.

Whitewater Rafting on the Salmon River

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