Chinook Salmon Species Profile

This Chinook Salmon article is reprinted from the Idaho Fish and Game website

Chinook Salmon Species Profile

Chinook salmon (Onchorhynchus tshawytscha) are anadromous fish, meaning they migrate to the ocean as smolts and return to fresh water to spawn and then die.

This native fish is one of the most fascinating fishes found in Idaho, its body is silver to olive-colored. The inside of its mouth is unique; it’s black. They range from 18-40 inches and can attain a weight of 45 pounds.

Idaho’s Chinook salmon are often loosely separated into three groups – Spring, Summer and Fall, based on their size and ocean life history.

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First Salmon Fishery in Nearly 40 Years

Salmon Fishing 2011

They’re here. Salmon fishing 2011 style…

Chinook salmon, the iconic fish of the Pacific NW, are swimming through Salmon, Idaho as I write this. It’s been so long since we had enough salmon in the river and an open season, that most locals can’t even remember why the names Salmon River and Salmon, Idaho contain the word “salmon”.

Salmon River…Salmon, Idaho…Salmon, the fish.


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