Father and Son Fishing

Best Steelhead Fisherman Contest

We took a father and son fall Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River last Saturday and you could feel their excitement before they ever stepped foot in the boat. 81 year old Kelly and his son, Greg, had been planning this trip for ten months – it was one they could mark off the bucket list. Little did we know that they had a best steelhead fisherman contest on the line.

beautiful fall day on the salmon river for a best steelhead fisherman contest
One beautiful view on Kelly and Greg’s steelhead fishing trip

Greg sent me this email the following Monday:

We couldn’t have had a better time!  The weather was perfect.  Thanks to the cloud cover we had Saturday the temperature was above 40 in the morning and never got unbearably hot.  The scenery was spectacular, we saw wonderful fall colors, deer, eagles, big horn sheep and of course some pretty large fish.

Brian’s boat was the perfect set up and well stocked with quality poles and tackle, not to mention, Brian himself was the perfect guide, never hesitating for a second to help us catch fish.

In fact, that leads to a great story that my dad will tell and raz me about for the rest of his life.  A story about what a wonderful guide Brian is.  I found out the day after our trip that in the morning, before we got in the boat, I walked back to the car to get our back packs and my dad tipped Brian and said “Don’t let my kid out fish me.”

How Kelly Became the Best Steelhead Fisherman

Later that afternoon, when we were nearing the end of the trip with my dad and I all tied up, each of us having one fish get away and each of us landing a fish, my dad hooked into a particularly feisty steelhead.

My dad struggled for a long time to land this fish, with every turn of the reel crank the fish would take more line.  Brian made sure to check for a good drag setting twice and then when it was clear in Brian’s mind that if my dad did get this fish close to the boat he would likely lose it, Brian pulled the boat to the edge of the river, got out and waded into the river to attempt to retrieve the fish.

Dad got the fish near and Brian took a swipe with the net and the fish was off again, stripping line.  Dad finally got the fish close again, a little closer to the boat than last time and just as Brian explained, the fish freaked out at the sight of the boat.  That fish found its second wind and began fighting harder and jumping.  Just as the fish spit out the hook Brian reached down and expertly scooped it up in the net, securing my dad’s title of best fisherman since neither of us had a bite again.

I can’t thank you all enough for fun we had, the joy my dad will have telling people how he’s the best steelhead fisherman and the memories I will cherish the rest of my life.

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